Berlin Untelevised is a Social Artists’ Union dedicated to creating a platform for challenging creativity. Originally started in 2016 by Lexodus, Knockout Knob, and Elijah Elpenor, Untelevised has grown from a podcast recorded in a home studio into an organization affiliated with some of the most talented artists Berlin has to offer. Since our inception, we have worked to foster a community of creatives whose commitment to craft is evident in the art they create.

We believe this commitment deserves recognition and compensation, which is why all BU initiatives are run on a social model of equal division of profits to all participating parties. In other words, we pay our artists. We do not, however, ask artists to make creative sacrifices in the name of capitalist gain. As an entirely artist run, independent organization, we’re tired of the bullshit that comes with profit driven mindsets. Our collaborations, creations, and events place the artists first.
We currently run four events in the city:
Domicilium, a poetry, performance art, and music event featuring six curated acts and happening every 2nd Monday of the month.
Entheos, a multidisciplinary performance night featuring three curated acts and a panel discussion between the artists and the host and happening every 3rd Tuesday of the month. 
Cyp/hxr, a hip hop night based on the tradition of cyphering, which really got swinging in NY in the late nineties but has been a part of the culture since its inception. Our goal at Cyp/hxr is to create a hip hop space that is welcoming to queer/femme identifying performers and encourages active collaboration and participating. 
And Open Harbor, an open mic happening on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month that puts priority on queer/femme/BIPOC artists. 
We are always looking to expand our community, and we are constantly embarking on new projects. If you’re a visual artist, photographer, videographer, performer, or just creative, enthusiastic being looking for a welcoming community, send an email to or write us on FB and IG to see how you can get involved.
-Elijah Elpenor