Making Classical Music Great Again!
We are a classical concert series started in 2016 by me, Shasta Ellenbogen, run at the gorgeous Werkhalle Wiesenburg every two weeks. We’re taking Classical Music as far away as possible from the concert hall and the old school etiquette and turning it into something, well… FUN!
Trying to make classical music cool or fun in any kind of way is pretty much an oxymoron, I know. It’s been tried time and time again by countless festivals and artists, and never succeeded. The unfortunate result of doing something like putting a classical concert into a club, is for the most part, just inviting the usual elderly audience to a new location. And nothing is less cool than a shitty club filled with seniors
No, no, no. What we do is something a lot deeper. We change the way we connect to eachother, the way we rehearse, and the way we play — so that we can truly reach new audiences from the inside out. We reject the classical world’s stiff standards of beauty and reach for something new. We eschew perfectionism and show people just how fucking cool we find classical music. The trick? We only rehearse once. For every concert. And with this, we give you our vulnerability, our spontaneity, our fun — and let the audience behave however they want! — and the result is an amazing, new, healing and powerful experience for everyone involved.
Come join us for an unforgettable evening every second Sunday at the Werkhalle Wiesenburg!
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