Klub Demboh is a Monday night club in Berlin initiated by Joel Grip (Umlaut Records).
He put together the house band „den Hut im Genick“ including some of the most adventurous musicians Berlin had to offer: Tristan Honsinger (cello), Axel Dörner (trumpet), Mia Dyberg (sax), Pierre Borel (sax), Daichi Yoshikawa (feedback), Michael Griener (percussion) and Joel Grip (bass).
Between April and November 2017 Klub Demboh was hosted at the surprising location of Neu West Berlin in Kurfürstenstrasse, Schöneberg. During this time the band took many sonic shapes under the banner “audio visual polyphonics”.
Klub Demboh had a break (with a few exceptions) until fall 2018. Klub Demboh is now happening at the Petersburg Art Space in Moabit, every Monday as usual. The members of the houseband has slightly been changed since some of them left town.